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The hides........we don't know yet. Rumor is prices are up but over the last 2 years we've been putting some of the rougher ones straight into the dumpster. And sadly the larger males, like this one, tend to be scared up and therefore not to nice.

The meat on the other hand is worth a good bit and we sell it out of the fish market big time. We are the only place in the Jacksonville area that processes gators and sell fresh meat so it's a good market for us.

2. Will she let me put it on the wall..........NO! To small..........

3. guess is in the 15-18 year range. Very hard to tell on gators according to the FWC. We hunted this one a number of times over the last 3 years and he was big when we first saw him. They grow very slow after they get to the 10 foot plus point.

4. As for our own TV show......we don't qualify because our family tree has branched...........
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