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Black Powder at the range...

I've shot guns my whole life but always jumped in my car and went into the National Forest to shoot. I've only been to the range once and that was to qualify to carry exposed as an armed guard and didn't particularly like it too well as the concussion of the other shooters was VERY distracting and the guy next to me was ejecting shells into my head.

but I digress...

With the price of gas, I can't really run up to the mountains to go shooting so I broke down and joined the local sportsman's assn. with full use of their range. Today was the second time I've been to a range and rediscovered the reasons why I'm not particularly fond of it. How long do you think it will take for me to get used to shooting in a range?

On a related note, I ended up shooting 24 rounds...enough to gum the gun up and loosen every screw in the thing. Afterwards, I came home, cleaned it up and opened up the rear sight with a file. I'll get it all figured out...right now, I'll aim at center mass and cut the target's ear off every time
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