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Originally Posted by wayneinFL View Post
I see options like pepper spray or Tasers more suited for law enforcement in the course of subduing a suspect. We're not supposed to be arresting people, so I don't see it as a must-have. In most situations like this, we're supposed to be getting out of there.

If your life is in danger from someone armed with a weapon, you don't really have a choice, and you don't have the time for anything but lethal force, IMO.

There are some situations in between- someone is stealing your bike, or someone is trying to start a fist-fight with you. In many of those situations, less lethal methods are likely to escalate the violence.

I'm not saying less lethal is useless, but of limited use. And if you're going to use it, you should be trained in its use.
I can see where you are coming from but in situations (such as those you mentioned) pepper spray would be great to neutralize the threat long enough for you to get away.

I'm not saying lethal force is unneccesary if someone breaks into my house at night you're d*** straight I'm gonna use lethal force, however, if someone is threatening and yelling at me on the street then I would use less-lethal force (tazer/pepper spray/ etc)

I also agree with your statement saying persons should be trained with it, however there really isn't much training to do with the above-said methods.

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