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gun plummer, I would hardly call a bunch of rifles that have been sitting in storage and collectiong dust and rust for 7 decades are what you would call pristine. my own Savage MK1* is the most heavily pitted rifle I've ever seen and it's previous owner(my brother in law) deemed it nessessary to test fire it from 100 feet away behind cover due to the amount of rust and yet it and it's magazine run perfectly.

it has also already been brought up that the enfield was a product of the british royal armory, not a openly traded company. how many countries went to springfield armory looking to buy a 1903? oh wait, now I remember, springfield was the national armory and did not sell arms to other nations.

mauser was not however. not only that but this whole argument becomes rather vague, there are 3 distinct versions of the enfield rifle, the NO1, NO4 and NO5 carbine while on the other hand it seems like a new Mauser was released every 2 years like clock work since they opened up shop.

which mauser is the greatest without contest? everybody had mausers because every time a nation bought the latest and greatest mauser product they sold off the cheaper ones to poorer nations that couldn't afford the latest and greatest but were happy enough to buy last years cutting edge.

that is like saying that Glock is without contest, the greatest handgun of the 20th century because it is the most prolifically used handgun in the world by police and military or the AK47 is the greatest assault rifle ever built because more than 2 thirds of third world countries, rebellions and don't forget the now defunct USSR, all use/d them. mausers may have been heavily fielded around the world and they were not bad rifles by any stretch but greatest without contest? I don't think so.
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