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I don't recall any rifle ammo ever failing to fire in any of my rifles. Factory or handloads.
I had some third-hand handloads hang-fire a couple years back. However... they had been stored in very poor conditions, and were handloaded in 1963 and 1969.
(The chain of custody could be traced and trusted for the handloads; and I verified the load data before attempting to fire them. I do value my eyes and fingers. )

I've haven't every had a factory ammo fail-to-fire or hang-fire in a rifle, that I can recall right now. But, I have had some ammunition that had incredible head space issues. Both bad boxes were from Federal.
The first problem was 0.130" excess head space with 150 gr 8x57JS ammo. Yes, that's one hundred thirty thousandths! I don't even understand how that could have happened with typical draw dies...
The second instance, was a box of Federal Power-Shok .243 Win where half the box would not chamber because the shoulder was 0.080" too far forward. Again... eighty thousandths!

Federal, apparently, does not understand the concepts of head space and standard dimensions.

Those, to me, were very serious strikes against "reliability" -- One box of ammo that was downright dangerous to fire; and another where the ammunition couldn't even be chambered.
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