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Tosnyder, how was your shooting experience with it? Best grouping? Most importantly what made you sell it? If it was a personal reason just say personal reason if it was performance or gun related please elaborate.
It was fine to shoot, recoil wasn't bad at all, a little snappy but I guess thats to be expected in a small light pistol. It was accurate, I'm sure it was capable of better accuracy than I am. I could keep 2"-2.5" groups with it at 7-10 yds as long as I did my part. Never really did rapid fire, the ranges around here all enforce the 1 shot per second max rate. And I never tried to hit anything past 10 yds with it either.

I never really had any issues with it. Fed fine, ejected fine, shot fine.

I will admit that the EMP was one of those pistols that when I saw it I was just like "oooohhh shiney, me want"! So when I found a good deal on a used one I snatched it. Unfortunately I just didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I sold it because of that, and because the gentleman that bought it was willing to give me slighty more than what I paid for it. Actually sold off all my 1911's (EMP, SA loaded, Sig 1911) becasue I just didnt shoot them, and I wanted a new AR. Somehow ended up with a new AR and a CZ SP-01. Hope this helps you.
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