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I have been averaging 1 out of a hundred or so failer to fire with lake city m193 . Some say light primer strike . They look like good primer strikes to me . I would think if the gun was prone to light strikes . i would have more failers to fire then 1 out of 100 .

I also have had two .308 failers in a bolt action recently . One was Tulla and the other was Winchester X "something I forget ( gray box ). both apeared to have good primer stikes .

The other day at the range I had one box of steel cased 223 that I had 3 feed jams and two failers to fire out of 20 rounds . Unfortinately I took them out of the box some time prior to going to the range and I do not remember the brand . I want to say WPA but Im not completly sure . The box was more square then rectangle. Those were the first 20 of the day . I also had 160 rounds of brown bear with me and I did not have one failer to feed or fire with those . Both ammo's fired out of the same gun . I have one AR that I only shoot steel case ammo out of . The rest only brass . Kinda running my own little test .

I have been shooting alot of different ammo out of all of my fire arms . Been trying to find what works best for each .That way I know what to put away for a rainy day

Like I said before , my hand guns don't seem to care . They eat what ever I give them .

Im still working on my AR's . They all love the good stuff ( $20 a box ) But when it comes to the cheeper stuff . They like PMC , Remington UMC , and they really like the Federal AR223 ( black box ) . Now when I say " like " , I mean it goes bang every time and is reasonably accurate ( 2 to 3 MOA at 100 yards ). By saying ( goes bang every time )that to me means it is cycling every time as well or it would just go bang once .

What do you consider is reasonably accurate for a 223/5.56 plinking round under $10 a box ( in MOA ) .With the good stuff ( $20 a box ) the best I can do is 1 MOA with Federal gold metal match al 100 yards using a scope . The majority of my plinking is done with iron sights or a red-dot .

I do not reload at this time but I do keep all my brass for when I do start reloading .
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