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Wifey Making Progress

This afternoon she practiced shooting one-handed from close to her purse with her Kahr CW9.

Notice she was careful not to hold the gun too close to her left forearm.

Next session she's going to actually shoot from inside an old purse just to know what that experience is like.

CW9 w/CT laser (she trains with the sights, but the laser does help show any trigger jerk or movement)

Two vids

One-handed, raise and shoot (she wanted to try headshots after getting bored with CM)
Good trigger discipline and keeping the muzzle at an angle above her feet. She's handling the recoil and muzzle blast just fine now.

Gotta love the ponytail shake.
Targets :: VIDEO0058_zps407229ee.mp4 video by doc540 - Photobucket

One-hand, close to body (we're not yet to the stage of drawing from her Galco purse and shooting, won't be too long though)
Targets :: VIDEO0059_zps2b20abdb.mp4 video by doc540 - Photobucket
Shooting more, typing less
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