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I prepped a couple batches of jerky today, and I actually had to come back to this thread for the last version of one of my recipes.

I figured I'd post an update.

After the last batch of jerky was finished, I bagged everything and refrigerated it for a longer shelf life. It gave me a chance to see how well these recipes age.

I don't recommend the "Crazy Cajun Limon" recipe, unless it will be consumed within a couple weeks. It does not age well, and loses taste after 4-5 weeks (even refrigerated).

The Creole recipe also doesn't age well, as it gets incredibly crispy after a couple weeks. Perhaps with more of one of the hygroscopic ingredients (Honey/Corn Syrup/Brown Sugar), it would retain more moisture. But, the current recipe is definitely not one to use for storage.

Both taste good, when fresh. They just aren't a good choice for any kind of storage.

My "Plains Game" and burger recipes, however, are still great after being slowly eaten from the refrigerator for the last 5 months.

On a separate note....
My wife wants me to come up with a recipe for Taco-flavored jerky.
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