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Hornady 17 Hornet

I've been using the 17 HMR for many years on thousands of prairie dogs. I love the accuracy, low noise level and lack of recoil that allows me to see each hit through the scope.

I just saw an ad for the new 17 Hornady Hornet factory round. Anyone have a rifle chambered in this yet? I'd love to hear all about your experiences with it. I'm most concerned about accuracy. I've heard of issues getting 22 Hornets to shoot accurately. By "accurately", I'm talking about consistent 5-shot groups under 1-inch at 100 yards with no wind.

Does the fact that the Hornet case has a rim make it inherently (or typically) less accurate than a .222 or .223 cartridge? Is it harder to make accurate reloads with this case? ...Or... does none of this matter assuming you have an accurate bullet and barrel combination?

Is anyone else manufacturing factory rifles in this cartridge, other than the Savage Model 25? I was at Cabela's a couple days ago and saw they have the Hornady factory ammo in stock, in boxes of 25. If I bought a rifle chambered for this cartridge, I would plan to reload for it.
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