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No, I'm not loading max with it. I used Lymans #48 data for 454 Casull lead bullet #452490 (255gr SWC-GC) which lists Bullseye 9.7gr/1176fps to 13.0gr/1395fps (7.5" Test Bbl)

Lymans bullet is a gas checked bullet and I have a plain base 255, with a 6" Bbl FA 83. Actual results I got was 10.0gr Bullseye/1177fps/38 ES/13 SD

It's mostly just an experiment. Bullseye has always acted very stable for me. I don't think I've ever loaded a max load of bullseye before and don't intend to now. I have always been very cognizant of the high energy properties of Bullseye. But I figured what the hey, let's try it and give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this load shoots.

I thought surely someone has tried Bullseye in light weight 454s before, but I see a lot of apprehension to it's use in 454. It is a good load. I have Trailboss but have not tried it in 454 yet. How much TB are you using in 454?
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