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I'll add a big +1 to what cheapshooter has to say. I own a number of handguns - Colts, S & Ws, Rugers, etc. I've shot SA for years and still prefer it over anything else. I wanted an inexpensive 22 SA a short time ago and ended up buying a Heritage RR with a 4 3/4" barrel - I love it. In fact, it's now my favorite SA 22 that I shoot an it has a permanent residence in my range bag.

Ignore all of the negative things that get posted on them - check them your yourself. One of the things that a lot of folks knock on them is the safety - shich sits to the left side of the hammer in the frame and flips up and down. Not what you usually find on a SA but hey, it's not a big deal and I have no problems with it at all. Mine is accurate and functions well - and I consider it an excellent value for the price. You can find them on sale once in a while. You can get one with just the 22 LR cylinder or the combo of both the 22 LR and 22 Mag cylinder. You'll also hear that Taurus recently bought them out - and there is plenty of negative vibes out there on Taurus (I've never owned one so I have no opinion on them). Heritage hasn't changed a thing though and for a beginning SA, I don't think you'd be disappointed. I have a Ruger Super Bearcat - I like the Heritage RR better, especially the size.

I've run across some used/vintage Ruger Single Six revolvers but they are usually int he $300 to $350 range in the area that I am in - used Bearcats the same.

I went with a 4 3/4" barrel Heritage as I often carry it and I like that barrel length. A lot of fellows like the longer 6 1/2" barrel models which I think are available with adjustable sights as well as the standard SA style sights (front blade/grooved frame). At least check them out.

Dont' get discouraged - you'll find something that is in your price range that will work well for you. Check your local gunshots as well as pawn shops. You'll run across something. Good luck to you and let us know what you end up with!
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