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Palma Rifles Value questions

I have a neighbor who was a champion palma shooter. He still shoots, but his eyesight and age have forced him to move to scoped rifles. He has two 308 rifles he used in some of his palma matches. One is a Winchester Model 70 1876-1976 Palma match rifle that he shot one match with, and won. The other rifle is an Omark Model 44 that he used for about a year. He also has the Blazer and hat from the match he won in Australia in 1976. His name is Bert Laberge.

The Winchester is in excellent condition, having only shot the 80 or so rounds he used in that match. He also has a full box of the ammo he used, I believe it's Winchester Palma Ammo (marked on the box), plus two boxes of spent casings in the same type of boxes. The rifle has the typical aperature front and rear sights, the metal forend piece (I assume for bracing in an offhand hold or for hooking over a rest, excuse my ignorance) and the original box.

The Omark has was used in a few matches and shows a bit of wear. It also has the aperature front and rear sights, and the original box.

He is interested in selling both rifles, the ammo and casings, and the blazer and hat. I told him I would assist him, but I have no idea of the value of the individual items or of the package as a whole. He said he would also dictate a narrative of the use of both rifles and the match information if anyone was interested.

If anyone can give me some help with placing a value on these items I would be very grateful. I never heard of Palma until I met this fellow a few months ago. He is still shooting 300 yard groups that put my 100 yard groups to shame, and I'd like to help him if possible.

I'll post some pictures of the rifles tomorrow. The blazer is a navy blue jacket size 44 I believe, with a red white and blue patch. The hat is a blue light-weight brimmed hat with a red, white and blue ribbon. Everything is in excellent condition.

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