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.30-06 bullet drop


Say I'm wanting to shoot out to 500yds/m, I'm looking up ballistics just for a Remington core-lokt psp in 18 grain weight says it drops 72.8 inches. Roughly how much MOA should I go up from my 100m zero? My barrel is 22 inches, so I'm thinking they used a 24 inch for the data so I expect a small amount less muzzle velocity than the mentioned 2700fps. I'm probably gonna switch to Core-lokt Ultra bonded for the small amount more of BC nwhich is about almost twice as much as the standard core-lokt pointed soft point round. Hahah maybe I'll get some factory loaded Remington Swift Scirocco for the .500 BC seems way more efficient than any of the core-lokt rounds thus equals less bullet drop, plus that round is bonded so that includes also better terminal plus a tip and boattail.
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