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Well, I very much doubt that a small child would be able to defeat the lock and I don't thing that even a master locksmith could get an ILS revolver to shoot any faster than one with no lock at all. By that same line of thinking, we should remove the locks from all our cars and houses because some criminals might be able to defeat them.

A small child is not likely to defeat a cable lock running through the barrel either.
A small child is even less likely to defeat a safe, but that's not very convenient to carry around with you should you need to secure your gun in a car, hotel room, or the bedside drawer of your grandmother's house. The ILS key, on the other hand, can be carried on your key ring very easily.

Look, there are lots of ways that you can secure and/or make a handgun inoperable. I'm not trying to debate which is most effective. What I'm pointing out is that there are some legitimate uses for the ILS. You or I may never use the feature, but some people do.

When it comes to car locks, would you like to have to deal with an internal lock of some sort every time you drove your car, or a stand-alone anti-theft device like "The Club"?
Apparently you've been driving older cars. Many new cars have door locks which automatically engage when the transmission is shifted into gear or the vehicle is driven over a certain speed and some even have locks which automatically engage after the car sits for a certain period of time without any doors being opened. Unlike the S&W ILS, however, those features are designed to engage themselves without any action from the driver. My S&W revolvers, however, will remain unlocked unless I choose to lock them just like the doors on my older cars and my home.
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