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There are millions of examples of firearms not accidentally discharging that trump the point you are trying to make wpsdlrg.
You would be hard pressed to find an example of a pistol firing without the trigger having been pulled. Be it police officers, military personel or drunk rednecks. Statistically it doesn't happen.
Your point is odd at best. You seem to be stating gasoline sitting in your automobile's gas tank is dangerous despite the car sitting in your driveway with the engine off. Sure you could argue that gas is flammable and toxic to breathe and the various safety measures installed to prevent gas tank explosions COULD fail but why? Why would you make that point? It's so improbable it's not worth noting.
I think the concept of carrying an object that fires a metal projectile 1000-1300 feet per second through a barrel that is sitting, at any given point, no more than a few inches from at least one of your own vital organs is what could be generally described as Potentially"dangerous". I suspect that fact is not lost on the membership here.
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