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Here's the other side of the wife's former S&W M-36, j-frame, .38 special with a 3" barrel and adjustable sights. It's one of the most shootable small revolvers I've had the pleasure to shoot. This one once put a full cylinder full into 1-1/4" at 35 yds...that's thirty five yards...albeit with a crimson trace grip on it. I shot that remarkable group from the hip, with both elbows tucked in and braced strongly; as is possible with a laser sight. Too, it was shot at dusk! That cylindrer full settled once and for all, my practice ammunition...(a 158 gr LSWC and 4.3 gr of Winchester 231). The gun is now my #1 pick for concealed carry...but the Sig P290, slightly thinner in profile is a close #2 pick. The pic below shows it with the rosewood stocks wife has requisitioned the Crimson Trace grips for her S&W M-637....Rod

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