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OLD SMK VS AMAX debate. My experience

Well first I want to ask a couple of questions
1: Can the A-Max be an effective hunting bullet?
2: Why cant the SMK be used for hunting application? Hollow point suggests good expansion.

Well I went to the range with some loaded amax using rx15 (just been my most accurate powder for all my .308 loads. It sure is dirty though!)
I have long held that 168 gr SMK shoot best thus far. Averaging .58" groups in my .308 Remmy 700 VTR. (stock is bedded and barrel floated).
best loads for both are
42 gr Rx15 Win cases, fed match primers seated at mag length- 168 SMK
43.5 gr Rx15 Win case, fed match primers seated mag length- 168 AMAX

SMK average .58"
I have not shot enough of the Amaxs yet to get a good average but the 2 groups with that load average .54"
Ill shoot a few more groups with that load of Amax's to get a better reading but at this point theres not much advantage of one over the other.

Amaxs cost less but require a bit more powder to get the accuracy so price is somewhat offset.

If Amaxs are better for hunting I will probably just switch to them altogether if more groupings show an average of equal or better group size.

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