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well I have played with the seating depth and the types of powder. My rilfe just may not get along with the amaxs. Have tried anymore 69 SMKs but I think I will get some 75 gr (Horn) hpbt or 77gr (SMK) to try. But the BC on the A-maxs were so much higher. Was hoping they would work. O well.

But the 60gr V-max is a great 200yrds> bullet so i was happy that I could get sub 1 MOA results out of that one.

Any other suggestions for a long range bullet that might work?

the power of scope was a 30x. Not the scope I keep on it of course. But used it for the accuracy testing on a bench to test these loads.

OLD PAPPS the stamping is "TW" with the cross hair circle opposite of it.
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