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I have one. I liked my SP01 so much, I went looking for a .45.

The CZ custom shop is less than 5 miles away so I went over there and Angus Hobdell was there.

I looked at some of the custom guns and he asked me a few questions and told me I ought to look at the CZ97.

It is a big gun and he told me the trigger would improve with use or he could put in a competition hammer and spring kit and remove the firing pin block and make it really sweet.

He was right. The gun is a real shooter but it is not a small gun.

It is not overly large in the grip but it is not a little gun.

Typical CZ. The internals are finished to function. They are not works of art. What needs to be finely finished is and the cosmetic stuff is not.

There is no question the gun runs. My gun has been modified enough that I would not carry it. Even if I put all the parts back in it, I would not carry it.

If I was looking for a CC gun, I would look at a G19/G30.

You will like the screw in barrel bushing and the accuracy and reliability but you probably will not like the size.

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