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so far..

lol @ rick, me and my father had that idea, we had some old yellow model plain paint that we used on tip of both front and rear site, this tightened my group about .5-1" at 100 and made my group close to 2" at 200

this is the first time i shot it at 100yrds

i actually havent taken pics of the new grouping buts its better with the paint
this was it shooting stock(nothing added or taken off)

the recoil pad helps all lot when shooting and the cheek pad i find worthless except to store rounds , stripper clips

im looking into getting the Brass Stacker scope mount, nutnfancy has been using his on a bunch of mosins without issue and says its good and alows for adjustable rings

Id also like to post my new project plan so far(scraping the older plan)

1.recoil pad(done)
2.cheek rest(done)

3.scope mount that dosnt need to mod gun* (currently on this)
5.stock(duracoat paint)

1> recoil pad (

GET IT, this will defiantly help you shoot and actually helps us who are not of russian stature , gives you better a better view to shoot the rifle and makes the recoil very low on your body so less impact
its cheap and easy and does no damage to rifle and its drop in installation. come in black or brown

2>Allen Company Buttstock Shell Holder and Pouch(
its nice, small and does what it says, easy to use and no damage or modding needed, i dont use the cheek rest much other than a way to store my ammo. its good and easy to use
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