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You will see many opposing views after I post this, but I have to say I have been very happy with my Heritage Rough rider. Mine was around $130 out the door with both 22 LR and 22 Magnum cylinders, ballistic cloth holster, and in a wooden display case with a Civil War scene etched in the lid.
I am pleased with the accuracy, and it has been reliable. One unique feature is a hammer block manual safety on the left side opposite the loading gate. It tales a little getting used to for a revolver to have a safety leaver. But it might be a valuable addition for training a child, or newbie to guns.
The big complaint you will hear will come from the "It's made of pot metal" crowd. Yes, the frame is made of a zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy called ZAMAC. It's not forged, or milled steel, or aluminum. But it also isn't the zinc material that used to be called pot metal. ZAMAC is actually used in the automotive, and aircraft industries in everything from engine parts to brake system parts. Other firearms that use ZAMAC parts include Hi-Point, Walther (P22), and many of the rimfire 1911 Colt copies.
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