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I'd really, really like to see some Ballistic Gel tests of this load. I just watched a test of the Hornady XTP 95gr here and the expansion and penetration were terrific, so I was planning on picking some up for my CZ82 and/or P64.

If the penetration is as good or better than the Hornady, then this will be a fabulous low cost alternative. From the Hornady test, it looked like the bullet was getting full expansion so it may well be that the increase in velocity won't negatively affect penetration (this is mostly just me justifying my wishful thinking, though).
Can you repost that link? It doesn't seem to be working...

Your thinking is probably wishful. The ammo will likely expand more and penetrate less; it's happened in every XTP bullet test I've seen when velocity has been increased. But, you never really know until it's tested....
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