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Another Mossberg 500 Thread?

I'm not trying to raise the 500 vs. 870 debate. I'm fairly well persuaded that the 500 will suit my needs at a lower price point, and with as much versatility, as the 870. That being said...

I'm looking for a do everything gun. This is the biggest reason I'm interested in the 500. Most/all of my shotgun use to this point in my life has been for pheasant in SD, with occasional duck or goose thrown in for good measure. I'm in an area where rifles aren't allowed for deer and I need a 12ga. for that purpose later this October. I have a Browning BPS Vector 26" right now. It doesn't have the versatility that either the 500 or 870 have. Rather than collecting shotguns, I'd prefer to get one gun and add barrels to the collection.

My purposes/uses: rifled barrel with the ability to mount a scope/red dot for deer; a longer smooth bore for bird, mostly upland game but occasionally waterfowl. (Perhaps turkey, though I don't know yet.) Home defense/SHTF and I'm heading out of town scenarios.

I know there are combo packages in the 500 that give you a smoothbore and rifled barrel for around $350. However, as I've seen them, they have the smaller magazine capacity (5 round?). I'm wondering what options people have seen or opted for themselves? Can you get one of the 500s (590s?) with a larger magazine and still put on the longer smoothbore and rifled barrels, or do those only fit on the standard hunting magazines? I've heard of, although I haven't look into, kits to expand magazine capacity. I guess I would like insight from people's experience trying to do similar things with their Mossbergs.

And, most of all, I'd like to trade my BPS and get the 500 for less than $100 cash extra, if possible.

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