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Originally Posted by Rifleman1776
BTW, "altered" or converted with the safety bar does not affect the collectors value. Ruger returns all original parts and the revolver can be un-converted at any time. Do get the safety conversion if it is not in the gun. Very good thing for actual use.
The fact that Ruger returns the parts doesn't mean they stay with the gun. And I do not agree that having the conversion done doesn't affect the value of the gun. The reality is, people are willing to pay more for 3-screw models that have not been converted. That's just fact.

As for "Do get the safety conversion," I think that's debatable. I know if I could find an unconverted 3-screw model, I certainly wouldn't have it converted. As it is, I own a new-model Ruger Single Six and another .22 six-shooter that has a conventional hammer-mounted firing pin. I mostly shoot the traditional one, and the Ruger stays at home.
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