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Shepherd p3 scope

"And if it turns out I don't like it..."

There is no faster system for ranging and compensating for bullet drop. The Shepherd scopes allow you to range AND compensate for bullet drop AT THE SAME TIME!!! NO cards, NO charts, NO computer, NO "cheat sheets" taped to your stock.

Give the scope a try, once you are used to them there is NO faster scope for BOTH ranging and bullet compensating.

Their system is SO GOOD, I'd bet once Shepherds patents for their scopes expire their ideas are copied by the other manufacturers.

"...if you have experience with them, do you like them?"

Don't believe the internet BS that the Shepherd reticle is "too busy".

Don't listen to the clown who knows all about them but his experience is limited to "picking one up and looking through it".

There is a lot of information inside the scope.

With REAL EXPERIENCE and a little USE you will find the human eye will discard what it does not need and only see what it needs.

I have BOTH a 3-10X with the 18" circles on my Savage .260R and a 6-18X with the 9" circles on a RRA Varmint A4 with 24" bull barrel in .223W.

These a GREAT, high quality scopes with excellent optics.

They work exactly as advertised.

The first time I tried the 1 shot zero it did not work. That was MY fault. The second time I tried the 1 shot zero it worked perfectly.

"Looks like they retail for about $800.", what would be a reasonable resale value?"

Yes, current price for the 3-10X Shepherds is $799. Keep an eye on ebay for prices of used scopes.

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