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A vibrating tumbler is, in my opinion, probably the easiest way to clean pistol brass. You put it in and turn it on. Come back later and separate the brass from the media. Some ways of separation are faster than others. The time spent working with the tumber is not very much compared to the time it is running.

The tumbler you get is dependent on how much brass at a time you need to clean as well as availablity and the money you have to spend. There have been a few times I could have used a larger tumbler and also times I could have used a smaller one. For the majority of the time it seems to be the right size for me. The same could be said about presses. They all allow you to make ammo. Some are easier to use and some are faster. Some need more maintenance and some last longer. Not one of them will meet the needs or wants of everyone. When looking for a tumbler you first need to find out what is available to you. Next you need to decide how much you can afford to spend. The last thing is to get a size that makes sense for your average amount of cases you want to clean at a time. You can always wait until you have a large enough amount of brass to clean with one of the big units. You also can do several small batches with a small unit to equal the amount the big one did.
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