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snuffy, it is my opinion that I don't need to tumble cases for my use and it is therefore, to me, a fact. I never said that you or anybody else shouldn't do it. It's just mostly a waste of MY time, since my cases are never dirty (except for soot on the necks). I don't have 500 cases to clean. That would be a rare occasion for me. So I'll re-state that if a fellow has 100 or maybe 200 cases that just have sooty necks, it's way faster to clean the neck with steel wool. I went 25 years without a tumbler and did just fine. Then I got a tumbler that I've had for maybe 4 years and it does a fine job. Now that I've had time with and time without a tumbler, I see that it has uses, but for small volume reloaders for rifles, it isn't a necessary tool. And again on the folks that like pretty shiny brass, I have never heard one person tell another person "gee, what great looking ammo you have". Mostly the chit chat is about the groups being shot and what bore cleaner you use. I lost the desire to shine brass the day I left the Marine Corps (actually, I lost that desire well before I left the Corps).

So don't beat up on me just cause I'm not a shiny brass guy or just because I don't share your view. I'm a long time and quite experienced reloader and I am entitled to my own opinion, even if it is occasionally at odds with others on the forum. And I'm tempted to mention the brand of tumbler I have, but that's likely to start another firestorm of protest that it isn't the best or most efficient tumbler.
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