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Need help picking a new gun!

I wanted some input before I buy my next gun. I am looking for a long range rifle that is the most accurate while using the cheapest ammo.

Yes that is probably a very bad compromise but let me explain a bit. I shoot a lot of rounds(or at least what feels like a lot of rounds when I look at my ammo bills...). I have no problem going through 20,000 rounds a year.

I shoot on my own property across a valley in the mountains of Colorado. I shoot targets anywhere from 100 yds to the longest distance I can hit 2000+ yds when I get lucky with my .50 cal. I have several .22's that get a lot of use because of the price of the ammo. However I am wanting something with a lot more accuracy down range. I own an AK that gets a bit of use also because of the ammo cost, but it too is not a great long range weapon.

Last year I bought an Anzio Ironworks .50 cal rifle that I love however every time I pull the trigger I am thinking about 5 dollars flying down range. So now I am looking for something I can shoot a lot of ammo through at long ranges.

I don't care about the price of the gun. To me the gun is a good investment. As a matter of fact I would prefer a quality gun. It just needs to fire the cheapest accurate ammo possible.

To further qualify what I mean by cheap, what is the most accurate long range gun and ammo load that you can find ammo for less than .25cents a round?

I realize this is asking a lot, and I realize I'm not going to be shooting 1 inch groupings. However most of my joy in shooting right now comes from setting up targets across the valley at 1000, 2000, 3000, or more yards and seeing how many shots it takes to hit them.
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