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It never hits the ground. As for inspecting cases, twirl the case slowly with your right hand, while the left hand holds the steel wool around the neck and shoulders, and you will find any split neck you might have as fast or faster than if you tumbled them. The steel wool snags ever so slightly in a split neck and you can feel it. So if my brass isn't really dirty, I don't tumble it. It's a waste of my time and effort.
Well 603, that's your opinion, it certainly is not fact.

I never process less that 500 cases at a time with my 650 dillon. To handle each case by hand would be out of the question. The ONLY time I'd handle each case is IF I were to be sorting by headstamp with bulk once-fired handgun brass, darn seldom if ever. <---In that instance, they would be tumbled FIRST!

Those with OCD just have-to-have the inside of the case and the primer pocket clean. They're forced to use the stainless steel pin rotatory tumbler, or ultrasonic cleaners. Both require multiple operations, several containers, and a LOT of time. THEN some sort of drying operation. <-- TIME and lots of it.

The tiny bit of carbon on the inside of the case, and in the bottom of the primer pocket is of NO concern, forgetaboutit!
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