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No doubt that the tumbler cleans the brass very nicely. And that's great if your brass needs cleaning. I shoot the rifle, work the action open just enough to grab the brass which goes into: pocket, if hunting; MTM box if at the bench. Except for the neck and shoulders, my brass generally isn't dirty. It never hits the ground. As for inspecting cases, twirl the case slowly with your right hand, while the left hand holds the steel wool around the neck and shoulders, and you will find any split neck you might have as fast or faster than if you tumbled them. The steel wool snags ever so slightly in a split neck and you can feel it. So if my brass isn't really dirty, I don't tumble it. It's a waste of my time and effort. But, a big day of reloading for me might be 200 or 300 rounds of rifle ammo (way more for pistol). If I was loading 1000 rounds fired from an auto, where the brass went into the dirt, I might tumble clean them. As for the folks that tumble the brass to have pretty ammo, well that's a whole nother deal. Ya'll have fun.
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