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They don't really make top-breaks for serious use. For collectors, or cowboy action types, reproduction Schofields are available - the ones I have seen are not true reproductions, though, as they have been hardened and lengthened a bit.

Schofields were originally made in .44 Russian and .45 Schofield. The reproductions I have seen were .44 Special and (IIRC) .45 Colt. Pretty sure only cowboy (lower velocity and pressure) loads should be used in those, but not completely sure.

You could probably find a used Webley or Enfield, though .455 Webley and .38-200 / .38 S&W ammo are not what I would call common.

There are a bunch of old Iver Johnsons floating around, also in .38 S&W. Wouldn't be my choice, but they don't cost much.

Older, top-break S&W revolvers are usually viewed more as collectibles than shooters, but some members here will probably disagree.
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