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Originally Posted by tobnpr View Post
I don't think the length of the bolthead will matter, since the "difference" will be taken up when you screw in the barrel and headspace it- but I'm not sure.

My thinking is you're just going from a magnum bolthead to a .308 one...

Suggest you call PTG- they've got some really great precision products.

Got my Savage factory barrel off last night (wow- what a biatch) and screwing on the new one today, I also am replacing the factory recoil lug with a precision lug that's machined, not stamped like the factory lugs. Worth the extra $30 while you're at it..
That's an interesting point about the length. The only issue would be if the difference is in the shaft or the head. If it's in the head it shouldn't matter. If its in the shaft there would be the issue of the washer that provides tension to hold it centered.

I will be getting a new recoil lug.

I hear that getting the barrel off is a lot easier if you apply heat.
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