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Originally Posted by 481
Y'know, muzzle energy is dependent upon the bullet's velocity so if you find velocity to be less important than muzzle energy, you are saying that you find muzzle energy to be less important.
First, when asked to compare two factors, unless they are of exactly equal importance only one can be less important. Once one has been rated as less important, the one that is more important cannot be less important than the one that IS less important.

Second, muzzle energy is related to velocity, but it is also related to bullet weight. If you have two rounds of equal caliber (diameter) and equal velocity, the one using the lighter bullet will carry less energy. Recognizing that, your comment makes no sense because it ignores the third variable in the equation.

But the OP didn't ask anything about bullet weight -- he asked if we consider velocity or muzzle energy to be more important. Of those two, I think muzzle energy is the more important. Muzzle energy can be achieved by using heavy bullets going slow, or light bullets going fast. He didn't ask about that, so I didn't try to answer a question that wasn't asked.
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