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Well, plummer, pony up. Give us your opinion.

Tell us what YOU think the best bolt-action battle rifle is. And remember, you have to adequately explain your case with facts, historic examples, and hands-on experience, not just "well I say so, so it is!"

I've got fairly extensive hands on experience with all of the rifles being talked about, including quite a few of the different Marks of Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield as well as various models of Mausers, Springfieds, M1917 Enfields, P1914 Enfields, Lebels, Betheriers, Moisin-Nagants, MAS 36s... the list goes on.

Were I going into battle, there's no question as to which one I'd choose if a bolt action is all that was available to me.

" All I can say about rapid fire is they must have dug through boxes of magazines to find enough to feed rapid fire."

Beg pardon?

You obviously don't really know much about the Lee-Enfield series of rifles, do you?

Of the many LE rifles I've fired over the years, ranging from 110+ year old Lee Metfords with the original magazine to basically new in the wrapper No. 4 Mk 2s, NONE have ever had magazine issues.
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