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Gun Board Meeting, Michigan

On October 12th, I am scheduled to go before the gun board in Macomb County, Michigan. Everything is set and I see no reason why I will not be issued my CPL, but there is one question.

Back in 1994, just after graduating high school, I was pulled over with a car full of friends in which there were open alcohol containers in the car. I was not drinking from any, and I ended up getting a "transporting open intox" ticket. It was classified as a misdemeanor, and the fine was $75 because I had to go to court about 1 1/2 months later for it since it was mandatory to show up. Being young, I did not know that I had to pay the fine right then and there, since nobody could tell me how much it would be. So when I did not have the money, I was moved to the police station and placed in a holding cell until my mother was able to show up with the money. I spent nearly 3 hours detained.

My question is, if I am asked if I have ever been arrested, would I have to say "yes?" I was not arrested off the streets, and I would not have been taken to jail if I had the $75 to pay the fine on me at court. So I think I would be able to answer "no?"

You are all probably more knowledgeable, so I will wait and see what you all say! Thanks!
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