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Tumblers. What is the gain, aside from aesthetic cases?

Is there any benefit to tumbling cases before making up cartridges with them apart from making them look pretty?

At the moment, I decap, clean the primer pocket and the stuff an old bore brush into the cases and give it a couple of twists, tap the case and put in the "to prime" pile.

The idea being to remove any powder or burn reside. However, they certainly don't come up gleaming and the out case looks tarnished.

I can live with that as long as the end cartridge is the better for it.

All the same I will same that this is my least favourite part and if I could do away with all the scraping and poking, I'd be quite happy.
It is dirty and tedious and feels more of a chore, whilst the rest of the reloading process is sort of relaxing.

So do tumblers clean the insides as well as they do the exterior?
Is cleaning the interior even worth the bother (priming pocket aside)?
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