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I think I bought mine in 1992 for $79, $99, I can't remember. It's a /26\ stamped rifle, all matching except the magazine (mine broke) I replaced it with another, i should have fixed the old one. Oh well.

I need some parts for mine, since I decided not to buy another one. The sear block in the triggger group is worn, the wood gas tube cover cracked badly and fell off (I have a plastic one right now).

I was also looking at the updated firing pins (held back with a spring) I think I want one of those also.

I remember the ammunition for it was so cheap, I considered the SKS my plinker. I fired many a case of ammo through it, Now I load my own ammo for it to save money.

There is a gun show here this weekend, I'll nose around there Sunday morning, see If I can find parts or a parts rifle maybe.
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