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I have two, both low serial numbers, one to use and one to sit in the safe and get more valuable.

It's a very well made, quality pistol in an amazingly compact package. The perceived recoil, in 9mm, is less than or equal to any .380 I've ever fired. It is, for instance, much more pleasant to shoot in a range session than my LCP.

The "yanking backwards" way it pulls rounds from the magazine can cause the bullet to separate from the case if you don't properly crimp your reloads, and there are reports of that happening occasionally with cheap imported ammunition. Good crimps with your press and quality ammunition solves that. Rounds appear to load backwards in the magazine but that's easy to figure out, too.

So, load the magazine, pop it in, chamber a round, and you have a beautifully made, amazingly compact DAO 9mm with full size 3 dot sights
and the perceived recoil of a larger, heavier pistol while it's only slightly bigger than an LCP.

I like it.
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.
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