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Originally Posted by SAM57
I will try and make this easier for you to understand.

Here is the definition:
Profiling, according to the State Legislature’s current policies,
occurs when law enforcement targets an individual exhibiting
characteristics of a class that an officer believes more likely than others to
commit a crime....
Nope, sorry. It seems that you want, for whatever reason, to make this thread into a discussion of profiling, but the Delaware case you brought up in the first post is not about profiling. Both court documents describe the suppression of evidence on the grounds that the officer was not able to satisfy the reasonably articulable suspicion test.

And the documents you link to in post 7 relate to a Washington State law and are thus irrelevant to the Delaware case.

So I'm uncertain about where you hope to go with this.

As far as your making it "easier to understand", as a lawyer with over 30 years in practice, I understand the law quite well and can read and understand a court opinion.
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