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I agree with most everything you posted, it is difficult to argue physics.


Now... since rifles have inherently more energy and momentum than handguns, if a rifle round only transfers 30% of its energy, that is a far greater amount than say 30% from a 9mm... Which is why rifle rounds create more cavitation in the body.
I always hear people say rifle velocities VS pistol velocities. I really dislike that type of blanket statement or when people cherry pick rounds (9mm VS a rifle). I have never heard an "expert" give a velocity floor. What I have seen, in 3 decades of law enforcement and what those in the business of forensic examination seem to verify is that at around 1300 fps handgun bullets start becoming quite amazing performers on humans.

I believe that is why historically the 125 Grain 357 magnum at 1350-1450 FPS and the 115 grain 9mm +P+ at the same velocity seem to defy logic as they perform poorly in gelatine, but work wonderfully on the street. The 180 Grain 44 Magnum fits into this category as well.
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