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Brand Pricing and Marketing

I just got an e-mail offering me "special Savings" On the EMP from Springfield Armory. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Springfield. I've handled the XD in a .45 but ended up getting My Beretta PX4 Storm instead. It just felt better to me.

So anyway, I click the link to get the scoop on the offer for the EMp and Holy Wow... $1107 for a 9mm. Like Seriously? It's not a "real" full size 1911 and it's a Poly-gun.

The later I can give some wiggle room as many guns are polymer handles but I'm a little shocked. I fully understand development and research but it pretty much seems they used a "shrink ray" on the 1911 and came up with what they are calling the "short action 1911."

I'm not trying to knock their product but it seems they are getting to be a bit greedy. JMO... don't get all hurt about it. I can easily see springfield becoming the new glock craze...

I'm I alone here in thinking a "short action" 9mm 1911 polymer pistol falls a little short from a real deal 1911? Just curious for opinions since this was their promotional e-mail "special offer" pricing.

I know they've been out a short while but anyone get one yet? Any Range Time?
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