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Nanuk, if hunting big game with a .44 you probably have not been using JHP.

I have seen a Remington 240 JHP fail tp penetrate the shoulder cartilage of a 200ish pound boar. The round in question was fired from a Marlin 94, and its velocity resulted in rapid expansion and poor penetration.

It isn't just velocity; it isn't just sectional density; it isn't just bullet construction. It is how all three work together that determine whether a load is a good choice for a given target type.
My big game hunting has been North Dakota Whitetail and Mule deer @+/- 200 lbs. For that thin skinned large game I do use hollow points in 44 mag, I am actually partial to Barnes X bullets. I have never shot a Boar or a bear and if I did would probably use a 240 LSWC at around 1400-1500 fps. I agree with you about how all three work together and should be considered, that is why I run a Bonded HP at high velocity.

To be sure my I like my big magnums, it is just easier to conceal and more practical to carry a Glock for SD.
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