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Possom Hollow with Drill attachment best 223 investment I have made. Trim about 250 cases to exactly 1.750 in about 15 minutes.
@Mr.RevolverGuy - I found the Possum Hollow Kwick Case Trimmer, but am having trouble locating the drill attachment. Do you have a link for the drill attachment?

Are you trimming then sizing or sizing then trimming?

I always trim after sizing the case. Having a variance of .001 in case length isn't going to make much of a difference. The .001 could be in inconsistencies in the pressure used on the calipers when measuring.
@jwrowland77 - At first I was trimming then sizing, but as I mentioned I found that the sizing process was also effecting the length. So now I am sizing, then trimming. Glad to hear that the .001 isn't a big deal
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