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Tell me about .338 Win Mag, and what you think about it

I'm a lefty and I just traded for a Savage 111 in 338 Win Mag.
I shoot 30-06 and 308 regularly, and got it mostly because it a left handled rifle. Used left handed rifles don't show up very often for obvious reasons. It's in really great condition and it came with plenty of extras in the deal too. My intent is to use it for my Elk rifle out here in north Idaho. I've been told it's a bit much for deer, including Mulies. But I've also heard it a really good long range shooter which would be well suited for hunting The Mule deer out at 400-500 yds. I recently broke my left hand, so hunting this year is out of the question according to the doctor that worked on it.

So, what's the word on it? I'm looking forward to your responses.

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