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"@wpsdlrg: Which gun did you have and which part broke? There is no reason to defend a manufacturer/gun on the internet. People might want this information so they know who/what to avoid."

Nope. I'm not going into that, because it will just become a point of distraction, which some will use as a pretext to rationalize away the general point I was making - that ANY pistol that can or must be carried cocked (with a loaded chamber) has the potential for unintended discharge problems. You are missing the point entirely if you focus only on the specifics of any particular brand or configuration - the GENRE is the issue here.

"Yes, when guns break, bad things can happen (but this applies to every gun). Do you carry revolvers? Because, even though you can carry a Sig, HK, etc with the hammer down, that won't help you with this failure. The hammer is cocked after the first shot. So if the equivalent event occurred with a Sig, HK, etc those guns would go full-auto also (you were firing the striker-fired pistol when that part broke so the Sig, HK, etc would have been cocked as well). Also, the firing pin block never had a chance to work in your situation because you had the trigger pressed all the way to the rear (which deactivates the firing pin block)."

I was speaking about ALL pistols that can or must be carried cocked or partially cocked (with a loaded chamber). The point I made regarding the FP block as NOT foolproof also applies BEFORE any shots are fired in a range session or string of fire - as a sticking FP block is, with almost all pistols on the market, undetectable. If the FP block is sticking, it MIGHT not be much of a safety aid, even in your nice clean weapon. With a pistol that can be safely carried completely UN-cocked (with a chambered round) is very different.

"If the issue is that this failure can even occur in your holster with a cocked PPQ. I assert that this situation still couldn't happen. Since you haven't fired the gun yet and you aren't holding the trigger to the rear the firing pin block is blocking the path of the striker (it hasn't been pushed up and then gotten "stuck" yet)."

Again, the FP block is NOT foolproof. If it happens to be sticking in the "off" position, due to manufacturing debris, built up crud or whatever, it will be NO protection at all in the situation which you describe. In that scenario, the position of the trigger has no bearing or effect. And here is where the rationalization can start. I can hear it now - "oh, the odds of that ever happening are very small !!!" Yes, very true - but I DID acknowledge the remote nature of the possibility (in my previous post). However remote though, this scenario certainly CAN happen.

"Its really easy to clean the firing pin block, too. On the PPQ you simply have to apply slight external pressure on the extractor, then fully depress the plunger located aft (rear) of the firing pin block. This will allow you to remove the extractor from the slide. Then, you can simply pull the firing pin block and spring out of the slide. You are then free to clean the firing pin block and firing pin block channel to your heart's content. Make sure you keep the firing pin block channel and striker channel debris free and dry (or VERY VERY minimally lubed) and you are good to go."

Certainly.....and I am glad to hear it. However, "very easy" does NOT translate into "everybody does it as often as they should". You and I both know that only a minority of shooters EVER pay as much attention to maintenance as they probably should. If they did, then the overall incidence of breakage and failure in general would likely be much lower. Again, my previous comments were simply an illustration of the possibilities for pistols which can or must be carried cocked (with a chambered round) - general in nature and not intended to be definitive nor directed at any one brand or type, including the PPQ.

"I mean no offense. But, I don't like misinformation. And, just to be clear, I'm not labeling what you said misinformation, yet. I just see flaws in your reasoning and I wanted to give you the opportunity to address them. I don't want the OP to be misinformed."

Neither do I wish the OP to be misinformed - and I hate misinformation as well. That is exactly WHY I wrote what I did. Surely you are NOT suggesting that FP block malfunctions/ failures are not possible....or never happen ??!! If that is not your assertion, then my "reasoning" cannot possibly be flawed - it is simply a statement of fact. My illustration, based on my own experience, was simply to drive home the concept of the (possible) consequences of failures of this sort. Again - remote possibility - but possible nonetheless.

The fact remains, NO safety device is EVER completely trustworthy. Pistols that can or must be carried cocked (or partially cocked) with a loaded chamber present a certain level of danger that does not necessarily exist with those that don't. Everyone SHOULD be aware of this and fully understand the concept. It's as simple as that.

THAT is in NO way "misinformation". How could it be ?

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