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Sounds like a duck and goose gun. What do you plan to hunt with it? If it doesn't have screw in chokes it is probably not a good idea to shoot steel through it. If you post the first few digits of the serial # someone here will likely be able to tell you for sure. If you plan to hunt waterfowl the barrel you have is good. Use the nontoxic super expensive shells if it is not safe for steel. If you plan on hunting upland birds or want to shoot steel get a new barrel. You may find that the screw in chokes give you more options for different situations. You should shoot some clays and see how you like it before deciding on a new barrel. More info will get more responses. Where you will hunt, what species, what type of clay game you will shoot etc. Each has a different response. What you will be doing most will be what you should build your gun for.
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