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If you go by inflation alone then that same $75.00 should be around $120.00 today not $350.00 plus.
By whose reckoning of inflation? The .gov keeps changing the things it uses to calculate the rate of inflation, adding things like microprocessors/personal computers- stuff that folks don't buy on a regular basis, and dropping things like vitamin D milk. When they report the CPI in the news, they often crow, "Excluding Food and Energy, consumer prices dropped this week....... the fact that the Housing bubble burst, causing housing costs to drop, and the sluggish economy has reduced the demand for gasoline and diesel has kept the inflation numbers down....... but they are fudging the numbers..... make no mistake about it: they are printing money out of thin air, making the money you have worth...... less.

Gas averaged $1.07 in '93, and was cheaper in Oklahoma where I lived- I remember it staying under $1/gallon...... I paid $3.99 for regular (the van runs like a fat man with a bad back and a broken foot on E-10.... and that stuff ate the fuel lines in my F-150) this last week. That's a four fold increase. Milk nearly the same, bread is worse. A $300 SKS is priced about right, and considering there are not any more coming into the country and nobody is making them here, maybe more, with rarer versions like the para or a Russsian costing much more.
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