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Why not?

Why ask why?

Why oh why, is there no sun up in the sky?
I think you missed my point. Read your first reply to me and my reply

It's all semantics. While there is a difference between a clip and a magazine, it is not unusual to see the two interchanged. It's a result of ignorance, perhaps, but it is really only an indication of the way language is dynamic and constantly changing. Take "pistol" and "revolver" for example. Some swear there is a difference. But if you look at the history, "pistol" comes from the Italian town of Pistola"
Yes, well said. Clip is so common place, that sometimes I use it just for easier communication. Although most people who know (think they know) what a clip is know what a magazine is anyways.

We should all be reminded of the kids story of the "Emperors New Cloths" now and then.

A special vocabulary doesn't mean we are "experts" but often those that use such buzz words want others to think they are experts.
That is exactly right. Another fun one is for S&W, K-22 vs pre model 17 or model 357 magnum vs pre 27, etc. The latter being a collector nickname, and the former being the actual S&W model name from the time.
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