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Savage 11 Conversion

I've run into a couple of curiosities on a Savage 11 conversion project, so I thought I'd expose my ignorance by posing the questions to the experts...

The gun is a 2011/12 production Savage 11 chambered in 270WSM. I am converting it to .243AI with a McGowen "Pre-fit" barrel.

I've run into the difference between "push-feed" and "center-feed" systems as well as the need to convert the bolt head.

Issue #1
I obviously need a 243 appropriate bolt head. Same bolt head as .308Win, I presume and am told.
The problem: Savage .308 bolt heads measure (according to Brownell's) either 1.625" or 1.435" long... the current bolt head is 1.545" long. What to do? Get the 1.625 and use a spacer/washer?

Issue #2
I assume also that I will need to replace the magazine follower.
Problem: I can't seem to find a 308/243 follower that indicates that it's made for the "current" spring type in the magazine and...
Problem 2: I don't know, does the conversion of the follower convert the gun from "center-feed" to "push feed", as I assume?

Also, if any of you gents would like to make my life easier by loaning me a Savage barrel nut wrench and especially a 243AI Go Gauge, I'd be much abliged. Send a PM if anyone is willing.
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